The Future of 3D avatars
based on Chat GPT and Unreal Engine 5.

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Bring your imagination to life with the advanced prompt to AI avatar technology.

AI Human Generator connects two huge technologies and trends – artificial intelligence (AI) and Metaverse. Our tool uses advanced AI technology based on Chat GPT from Open AI and is built on Unreal Engine 5 to transform your prompts into stunning 3D human models. 

The project’s security is bolstered by team. SAFU means that the project cannot be manipulated by the developer to hurt investors. SAFU badge is given to KYCed projects. Audit ensures the project’s smart contracts are secure. KYC verifies team members’ identities, DOXX promotes transparency by sharing personal information about the team. These measures instill confidence and trust in the project’s security.


Avatars realism comparison

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NFT earning system

Users who create each virtual human using AI Human Generator will have the opportunity to earn AIhuman tokens by minting AI humans NFTs and selling them.

0% Buy and Sell Tax

AIH has no additional fee or tax charged on top of the transaction. This will make trading more affordable and attractive for investors.

Experienced dev team

AIH developers build and maintain blockchain-based systems, specializing in blockchain technologies smart contracts, and decentralized applications and programming languages.

Security audit

A blockchain token security audit checks for vulnerabilities in a token's code and infrastructure to ensure it's secure against malicious attacks. It involves analyzing the smart contract code, network architecture, and overall security framework.

0% team tokens

AIH development team does not hold any of the project's tokens. We are focused on building a strong project for the long-term rather than profiting from short-term price fluctuations.

100% circulating supply

All of the AIH tokens will be released and available for trading on DEX and CEX exchanges.

After presale listing on DEX

CEX listings in Q3



Charting our course to success



Founder and Unreal Engine Developer experienced in C++ and Python


Co-founder and experienced Chief Operations Officer (COO)


Marketing Manager with a proven track record of success in crypto projects.


Blockchain and Web3 developer with a passion for innovation and decentralization.


Social Media Manager with specific experience working with crypto projects.


Graphic designer and 3D artist bringing ideas to life with beautiful visuals.

Who we are

Experienced AI and Unreal Engine developers, crafting innovative digital solutions.




“I founded AI Humans with the vision of creating a new paradigm for 3D human-machine learning interaction. By combining the power of blockchain, AI, and NFTs, we aim to revolutionize the way people create and interact with virtual humans, unlocking new possibilities for entertainment, education, and beyond.”